• Pre-communication

    After researching our company and our products so that you have a preliminary understanding of our general situation, please ask for a meeting with one of our Agents. At this meeting, opportunities for working together will be discussed and a preliminary agreement will be reached.

  • Application for Partnership

    Potential partners should then submit the “Partner Registration Application Form” to the Agent in written or E-mail form. After the Regional General Agent reviews the Partner Registration Application Form, the company will conducts a comprehensive evaluation and audit of the potential partner.

  • Audit and Approval

    After the company has made a comprehensive evaluation and audit of the potential partner, a determination of which level of agency will be made. The Regional General Agent, on behalf of zyProtect, will work with the potential partner to finalize the details of the Agency Agreement.

  • Signature of Agreement

    After the two sides have formally signed the “Agency Agreement”. The two sides must go through relevant procedures and procedures such as security deposits and confidentiality agreements according to the content of the agreement, and then agreement will come into force. The date of signing the agreement will be the effective date of the agreement. The partners must exercise their rights and perform their obligations within the framework of the agreement.

    Note: The agency agreement is signed one year from the date of signing to December 31 of the year of signing.

  • Sales plan

    After the agreement comes into effect, the two sides begin the partnership. The new partner and the Agent of zyProtect jointly work out the sales and promotion plan for the year according to the overall market planning of the company. Consideration will be made of specific local conditions and of the company’s sales and promotion plan. Based on these materials, zyProtect and the new partner will implement specific support and cooperation activities.