zyProtect has a senior security team in China, focusing on the AI Security field. We protect business-critical websites by implementing our industry-leading active security model using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our web application firewall, zyWAF establishes safe access guidelines for websites and blocks website attacks and malicious access that do not comply with the safe access guidelines. zyWAF completely avoids the problems of traditional and cloud-based WAFs. Cloud-based WAFs are easily bypassed by hackers. Traditional WAFs require expensive new hardware, are time-consuming to configure, and cannot defend against new attack types. zyWAF eliminates these shortcomings by using AI based machine learning and being software-based.

In 2017, we won a total of 28 million yuan of angel round investment led by Tianjin Fangxiang Technology. In 2018, we won another total of 60 million yuan of A-round investment led by Five-Star Capital. We are confident that in 2019, will continue our rapid growth and financial success.

We have been granted the following security certificates:

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