Job Title workplace
  • Test Engineer Beijing
  • Responsibilities
    Write test cases and test the company’s products according to the test plan.
    Write automatic test scripts, complete functional tests, performance tests, stress tests, etc.
    Communicate and cooperate with personnel from other departments to jointly promote the smooth the progress of the project.
  • Job requirements
    Bachelor degree or above; more than 3 years of experience in product testing; good document writing and communication skills.
    Familiar with B/S architecture system performance test analysis design; familiar with TCP/IP protocol; familiar with http protocol.
    Familiar with performance testing needs analysis and design planning capabilities; can develop or apply application security and performance testing tools to analyze system performance.
    Have automated testing experience; can complete module testing and delivery alone.
    Familiar with Wireshark, tcpdump and other packet capture analysis tools.
    Familiar with the Linux operating system; proficient in shell script.
    fluent in English reading and writing.
  • Test manager Beijing
  • Front-end development engineer Beijing
  • Pre-sales engineer Guangzhou
  • Senior development engineer Beijing